Hello, I’m Sonia Lakshman. My surname pronounced Luck-shman. Not Lack-shman.
Luck versus lack – it’s a critical difference in fortune.

I am half Indian, half English, lived half my life in each country, have a Western mind, an Eastern soul, Scandinavian taste, a Mediterranean palate and sound slightly South African.

So I am naturally pre-disposed to not put anything or anyone in pre-defined boxes.

W hich is good, because the way I work is about you the whole person. I am an Integral Coach, having trained with  ICC Canada one of the most complete, rigorous and comprehensive coaching methodologies in the world and am also credentialled by the ICF. I have further developed my work through my training in Narrative Coaching – the stories that we tell ourselves being one of the critical pivots for change.  Alongside side this I incorporate many philosophies, models and influences that inform and enrich my work.

F or the past 14 years, I have helped my clients become who they most want to be, strategically and satisfyingly navigating their working lives, working with the young and talented all the way to senior leadership. People seek me out because they want to grow as people and leaders, to have true presence and impact where it counts. Others are at a crossroads, seeking more meaning and fulfilment, wanting to take stock and create rich, purposeful lives.

Prior to my life as a coach, I had a long and colourful career in music and publishing, finally as Director of Production at Decca Records – one of the Universal Music Group labels. It was great and fun but in the end I wanted more. More freedom. More meaning. More creativity. More fascination. It led me here.  My life and work is characterised by bothness. Eastern spirituality and western thinking. Art and science. Salad and chips. I like the intersection of things and believe that when we bring our whole selves to everything we do, we shine.

Aside from my coaching work, increasingly alarmed by the climate crisis I co-founded Every One Of Us – an altruistic movement to help busy people like us, tackle climate change. We’re on a mission to make a big difference, one easy weekly action at a time, please join in!

That’s me. What about you? What can I help you with? Drop me a line. Let’s talk.

I am based in Richmond, West London and work with my clients in person, by Zoom and by phone.