More balance, deep confidence, purposeful work, creative expression, richer relationships, congruence, productivity, finding flow and heart… what changed for my clients

S Sonia profoundly understands the creative process and the rocky journey of real change, drawing on a richly imaginative and playful intuition.  Working with her is not for the faint hearted, she is absolutely serious about helping you make the vision a reality, while all the while holding the frame for you to do so with strength and love. It is no exaggeration to say that our work has been life changing for me and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone serious about living the life they really long for. Sonia, you are a treasure

SADIE, Leading psychotherapist
Found her powerful voice to lead in the world

I have already told so many people about you its just insane. I think you have been amazing. Patient, understanding, insightful, you have cut through all my bull and found the root cause of all my frustrated flounderings… this is exactly what I needed, and you really didn’t disappoint. You get “the most amazing coach in the world” award. Thank you so much for all your help. I always knew there was a way forward for me… all I needed was someone to show me the door.

JACQUE, Scientist and Inventor
Found a way to channel his ideas

Working with Sonia is an incredible, exhilarating, and revelatory experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is ready to discover the life they always wanted to live.

PAUL, Embarking Filmmaker

A s we progress through our careers, all of us receive coaching to develop our potential.  But if we’re honest, a small proportion of it remains with us and a lot is forgotten in the race to keep up with daily demands.  Meeting Sonia, was a revelation.  It opened my eyes to the power of genuine development. She guided me through a very personal journey that makes you “feel” the change not just “think” the change, that’s what makes it so incredibly powerful. I have lasting images and cumulative experiences that mean I’m continuing to grow long beyond the time spent together.  I’m looking forward to making another leap forward in the future, and of course that will involve working with Sonia. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

JO, Finance Director
Stepped up to her first Board position with authenticity and presence.

I can’t recommend Sonia highly enough – working with her has completely changed my life for the better! I had risen through the corporate ranks with a wealth of opportunity and challenge, encouraged to push for promotion to partner at my firm. Yet, despite all the success I had a growing sense that I wanted to do something that really mattered to me – I just had no idea what that looked like. Through our work together we got to the core of what makes me tick, and crucially to trust my instincts and put myself first.  With Sonia’s help, I have just landed my dream job and have so much energy and excitement it’s unreal. She is a complete rock – incredibly insightful, smart, supportive and a lot of fun! Our work has impacted me far beyond just my career. I am now entering a period of calm and control that I’ve never experienced before and needless to say it’s amazing. You won’t regret working with her – in fact you’ll wish you’d done it sooner!

AIMEE, Director, Partnerships
Made the move from a Big Four to national social change leadership

I can honestly  describe the experience of working with Sonia as being utterly transformative!  I was going through a very challenging time – a father and husband, running my own business that was busier than ever, and undertaking an MBA to boot. I couldn’t’ see the wood for the trees so didn’t know where to start with getting life back on track and my work load in check.  Just a few sessions in, I could start to see and feel the profound impact the programme was going to have on me. My life and daily challenges haven’t changed, but I feel equipped to deal with them surely and confidently and have found greater presence, focus and peace as a result. Sonia, thank you very much for such a valuable and profound experience and journey!

MIKE, MD, Music management
Found balance and a horizon with his thriving business

I have really enjoyed and benefited from working with Sonia and her approach worked really well for me. She is personal, thoughtful and proactive, with helpful challenge and insight. It’s helped me to work in a different way which has been invaluable.

MATTHEW, Managing Director, NHS Trust
Navigated a period of turbulent change

I approached Sonia when, having struggled for years to find answers to my “what do I want to do?” career question and at a time when I was very unhappy and “stuck” in so many ways. Nothing prepared me for the magical mystery tour I have embarked on with her! The journey has been and unbelievable ride. Sonia’s probing, insightful and yet supportive questioning has taken us to places I would never have imagined. She helped me delve deeper into facing “my stuff” in an unbelievable way, without being intrusive or making me feel exposed (I have no idea how she did that?!!) She set me on a journey where I’ve laughed a lot, cringed a lot, felt positively challenged whilst learning to look at life through a different lens! A lens through which, the opportunities  now seem boundless.  Sonia, you have no idea just how much you’ve helped me. From the bottom of my heart I’d like to thank you so much for your support.

DEE, Senior Consultant
Starting her own education charity to help kis in Ghana

Thank you so much for all the help and support you have given me over recent months. You have taught me to think differently about what I might do and how I might do it. It has been challenging and enlightening, fun and hard work all at the same time.

RACHEL, Managing director, PR & Comms
Navigating a profound shift in her career

I have mixed feelings on completing our work together – sadness to say good bye, fear of going out there somehow now on my own, big admiration of your professionalism, creativity and special aura, and enormous gratitude for how you have changed my life. It is a transformation, revolution! July last year I would never have believed that I would transform to be so strong, self-confident, crazy, creative and thirsty for life.  Thank you! I will be back in another stage of my life when I would need the inspiration again.’

ANNA, Head of Category Management, FMCG
Stepped off the corporate ladder, with purpose and aplomb

Thank you again for all of your guidance and support over the last year. You are a superstar, I definitely couldn’t have done it without you!

LIESHA, Entrepreneur and Writer
Super-charged her consultancy business, published her book, and moved to Australia

Working with Sonia has completed transformed the way I operate to the point that I almost can’t remember the “before”. This doesn’t really feel strong enough, but in physical terms, over 4 months working with Sonia, I have relocated to the seaside and started up my own business, so I guess that’s the story. I honestly didn’t feel that possible back at the start!

SHEELA, Wellbeing Coach
Found grounded confidence and created the life she’d dreamt of

Seriously? You want me to sum up my experience of working with you in 2 or 3 lines?! I could write a book!

LISA, Chef and Artist, moved forward with expansive new ideas

I approached Sonia after a recommendation through a friend. I had a fairly set thought in my mind as to what I wanted to address and engaged Sonia to help me find a solution. As it turns out, she did much more than that! Extremely quickly she helped me see that actually the problem wasn’t at all what I was convinced it was, and with that the ability, the confidence and the desire to tackle it, naturally started to become clear to me. After each session I felt hugely motivated and completely invigorated, but importantly this has remained long after those sessions. I’m now running my own business, and am able to truly be in every moment, to be able to take and explore all opportunities that arise – even in seemingly the most unlikely circumstances. I can’t recommend Sonia enough to anyone looking to make a change, improve in their current field and everything in between.

Started his own creative agency and embraced his inner adventurer

Sonia, just wanted to say thank you. Got some amazing results from your coaching. Far exceeded expectations

Learned to take risks and follow his heart

This has been a fantastic journey…thank you Sonia. You came along at just the right time when I was starting my new business and needed someone who could keep me focused and motivated to create something I’m proud of.

MEL, Managing Director
Shaped her new communications business with confidence

You’ve been great, Sonia.  I’ve loved working with you.  You’ve pushed me hard when I needed it, but also been compassionate, understanding and non-judgmental. I’m very glad I did this and don’t think I could have got this far without your support.  Thank you!

DAN, Ecologist
On his way to a simpler, gentler life

M y ‘journey’ with Sonia has not been a common one. It’s been unique, inspiring and one that will last forever because most importantly, I started seeing myself with different eyes, more hopeful and appreciative eyes, trusting and embracing my life & career in a fresh and more honest way. For the first time in my life I am taking steps towards a new and inspiring work direction that I would have never imagined possible for me – and with no fear, but with curiosity and peace! Thank you Sonia for being in this journey with me, I am so happy that my search led me to you.

Found the confidence to train as a coach and mindfulness teacher

I hired Sonia after I had just handed my notice in on my job of ten and a half years as a qualified Accountant making the leap without anything else to go to, other than a flicker of a dream to set up my own business doing something completely different to accountancy!  Sonia made me feel that anything is possible. We worked on what I needed to do and become to fulfill my ambitions, but also to challenge and question what was holding me back.  I’ve now just placed my first order of equestrian products to sell, have set up two Limited companies and am working towards launching a new equestrian related product to the market next year!  Thank you so much Sonia for all you’ve done to get me this far through what has been one of my most exciting and memorable years of my life.  

VICKI, Chartered Accountant
Made the move to becoming an Equestrian Entrepreneur

I had felt held back by lack of confidence and communication and really wanted to get past this so I could progress my career. Working with Sonia has changed my life; I am more positive in my career and able to be myself with confidence and belief. She was brilliant with understanding how my mind works and was able to get me out of my shell. I feel that I can take on any challenge at work and even outside of work. It was a pleasure to have met you and to work with you, Sonia. Thank you for everything.

Learned how to handle conflict and hold his own

Working with Sonia has been an incredible experience and I enjoyed every second of it. She helped me to come out of the analysis-paralysis and focus on my feelings. She challenged me in a way nobody has ever done before whilst staying compassionate. I faced my fears, I said things out loud and did things I never thought I would be capable of. I claimed my space. The impact of her help goes far beyond my career. I have so much more clarity now and feel more equipped to face future challenges. Thank you Sonia!

Unleashed her inner ‘sassy’.

Sonia helped me to get out of a big ditch that I’d been digging for a long time.  It took hard thinking and actions, but with the help and guidance of Sonia I’ve finally got there. I wouldn’t have done it without Sonia and I’d still be digging. It’s been a LIFE CHANGING experience for me.

JULIE, Senior Solutions Sales
Took stock, recalibrated and reset

Sonia helped to bring in a whole new perspective at a time when I was stuck about where I should head to with my career. After just over a decade studying and working in the accounting and finance sector, I feel transformed in less than half a year to boldly embark on an exciting new journey with renewed ambitions. I learnt new behaviours, built new habits and unearthed gems that has led to a clear direction. Honestly, I did not expect myself to make it this far and will always be grateful to you Sonia!

Embarking on a new career