R egardless of the change you want to make – to the world, to your organisation, to your team, your life, yourself – all change begins with you and how you are being in it.

And change is 3D. Well lasting change is.

〉〉  First we need to see our way of being in that situation with absolute clarity and vividness – we need awareness both of what is and how we want it to be.  This needs illuminating, veiled as our behaviour often is in unconscious habit and reaction and limited by our own lenses. Without this an attempt at change is often shallow and myopic.

〉〉  However seeing it intellectually is not enough. It’s one thing to know something and another thing to do it or become it – if you’ve tried to change something before unsuccessfully you’ll know this. To really make this happen we need to build the capability to take us from intellectual to actual, to live it rather than just think it – this takes practice.

〉〉  Plus it needs to encompass all parts of the situation – individual or organisational – you, what you do, your systems, your relationships. Otherwise sooner or later it haemorrhages or falls over and you find yourself back at square one. This means wholeness.

This approach is the backbone of integral coaching within which my training and work is grounded and held. An extraordinary mix one of the most encompassing maps of human development  – it combines rigour and intuition, sound theory and precise practice. It also has great generosity of heart. Traditional approaches to change are to see it or us as a problem to be fixed – wanting to be more like someone else, less like ourselves – we compare, chastise and chase after. But actually true change happens as a by-product of embracing ourselves. We aren’t culturally programmed to be like this and it’s powerful when we are.

At the core of this and my way of working is my own personal philosophy and guiding force for my life – learning how to be at one with ourselves, with our work, with each other.

And the trick with that is not to focus on where you want to get to, but how you want to be. Everything follows from there.

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Depending on what you’d like to address coaching programmes are usually 3 months to a year long. We’d discuss this at the start and shape it according to what you most need.  Regardless of the length and context of your programme, this is the overall structure of our work that you can expect:

  • Our first session is focussed on Getting To Know You. A 90 minute session where we take a deep dive into where you are at the moment and what you want to achieve. This is a rich and crucial discussion that lays the foundation of our work together.
  • We then meet every 2 or 3 weeks for the duration of your programme. Between these appointments you’ll be working with powerful reflections, practices and action to help you build the capability and traction to take you where you want to go.
  • We finish your programme with a Success & Wrap session to take stock of what’s been achieved, how very far you’ve come and where from here, so you feel well set up for the way ahead.

We’re not chatting. We’re working. It’s dedicated. You need to want it and be ready. You will be challenged. You’ll also be cared for.  We’re in it together.

If that sounds good to you, the next thing we need to do is talk. Just drop me a line to arrange that…