Work with Sonia

I work with business leaders, entrepreneurs and can-do people who are drawn to courageously lead and grow into their fullest potential in their organisations, work and lives.

You want to grow. Lead by being you. Live with courage. Be your highest potential self.
I want to shine a light on the parts you can’t yet see and help you build the serious muscles, so you can.

We’re in it together.

It’s personal – I get to know you, to understand what you want to achieve, why it matters, what’s possibly made it feel difficult to achieve so far. It’s practical – we’re helping you build the vision and capabilities to take you where you want to go. It’s encompassing – we’re working with you the whole person and your world. it’s also fun. 

Something that deeply matters to you, that you want to change or achieve. This can be a comfortable level that you want to step up from. Knowing that you’re ready to grow as a leader for example, or wanting to have more presence and impact where it counts. Or it could feel like as an uncomfortable status quo that you want to shift. Craving more meaning and purpose in your work, wanting to better handle conflict, have inside-out confidence or time for your own well-being. You know where you are and that’s where we go.

The first thing we do is have an initial conversation about where you’re at and what you want to achieve. I’d explain more and talk through how we might work together. For the general structure a coaching programme would take please click below for details. Or better still get in touch. Let’s talk.


Depending on what you’d like to address coaching programmes are usually 3 months to a year long. We’d discuss this at the start and shape it according to what you most need.  Regardless of the length and context of your programme, this is the overall structure of our work that you can expect:

  • Our first session is focussed on Getting To Know You. A 90 minute session where we take a deep dive into where you are at the moment and what you want to achieve. This is a rich and crucial discussion that lays the foundation of our work together.
  • We then meet every 2 or 3 weeks for the duration of your programme. Between these appointments you’ll be working with powerful reflections, practices and action to help you build the capability and traction to take you where you want to go.
  • We finish your programme with a Success & Wrap session to take stock of what’s been achieved, how very far you’ve come and where from here, so you feel well set up for the way ahead.

We’re not chatting. We’re working. It’s dedicated. You need to want it and be ready. You will be challenged. You’ll also be cared for.  We’re in it together.

If that sounds good to you, the next thing we need to do is talk. Just drop me a line to arrange a call.